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100 "As Is" Contracts and Standard Buyer Protections

When you're new to real estate investing, there are many different variables that make submitting bids and purchasing a house a bit intimidating. When you mix in the fact that you need to put down a deposit (earnest money deposit), this makes the process even more anxiety filled. However, two protections that are often included in all sales contract, even when the property is sold "As Is," are the home inspection and financing contingency. This video post will go into more detail on how…


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0099 Prepaid Legal Services - Are You Throwing Good Money Away?


I have used pre-pay legal services over the past year, and I definitely recommend their services! Although there are many positives, there are also draw backs. What I want to focus on in this video - do you get the quality you need from such a small fee/yearly fee? Let's discuss!

Lisa Phillips…


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0098 Audience Questions: Paying Off properties And Identifying Markets


Today we have audience questions to answer:

- For leveraged properties, when do you decide to pay them off?

-How are you financing your properties

-Should I go expensive, mid tier, or low tier in a working class property?

-Quick rule of thumb for identifying a market you like?




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0097 Audience Question WalkThroughs, My First Property, As-Is contracts

Here are the Audience Questions For today's Educast:

Would You Be A Mentor and Do A Walk Through On My First 2 properties?

How Long Before You Invested In Your First Rental Property?

How do you complete an "As Is" Contract As a buyer or seller?

How Do You Find A Good Property Management when You can't go to local REIA Clubs and you Live abroad?

Great question guys! I answer them to the best of my abilities and knowledge, and I always welcome…


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0096 Turnkey Operator Engelo Rumora

******Come and see me in person at the REI EXPO in Washington DC May 17th and 18th. President Ryan Harper is giving 25% to the Affordablerei audience, in addition the chance to speak to money lenders

To purchase tickets, go here:

Enter PROMO25 to get the 25% discount. Life doesn't get much better than…


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0095 REI EXPO President Ryan Harper

**Audio Only****25% Discount**


Here I am interviewing with Ryan Harper of REI EXPO taking place in Washington DC May 17t-18th. As I mentioned before, not only did Ryan offer to let me speak at the EXPO, but he also wanted to come on the show and share why the expo started, what its goals are, and what he would like everyone to who goes there to do to get the most out of it. I am extremely excited, because he definitely sparked my own ideas for going there (and they deal with…


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0094 Upgrades Vs Home Improvements In That Low Income Rental

This is part 2 of the series, "I'm not going to live there so I'm not going to pay for ______." From biggerpockets. View original article here:

As new investors, especially in low income neighborhoods there is a mindset that some people suffer from called the "I'm not going…


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0093 Renovation Costs Broken Down!!


I am excited about this blog posts, and I am going to show you a break down of the renovation costs for the two most recent rental properties. I was told in conversation with an audience member that they would like to see this, so I am EXTREMELY excited to give you guys exactly what you want! I am more than happy to help you with this, and if this can give you some sort of goal to obtain for savings/costs, then wonderful.

Keep these things in mind:

Maryland home was…


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0092 BiggerPockets Post: Have Pride In That Low Income Neighborhood!

BiggerPockets Reblog! View original article here!

This is part 1 of the series, “I’m not going to live there so I’m not going to pay for ______”

As new investors, and especially in low income neighborhoods, there is a mindset that some people suffer from. It’s the “I’m not going to live here” mindset. There can be times when it…


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Hello! For all future blog post, please visit or my youtube channel

Thank you!

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0091 Inner City Investing How To With Al Williamson: The Stories and Details [Video]


Another amazing interview, filled with a great perspective of someone who does inner-city investing, and we got even more in depth. Al Williamson first started off in a triplex with his new wife in a revilization zone. After getting his feet wet with that, we are going to delve into how he moved into his first 8…


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0090 What You Need To Know About The Dodd Frank Rules [Video]

Hello! This is another interview with Loan Processor Kwasi Jenkins. We'll share with you today how the new Dodd Frank Rules are stopping or helping mortgage lending,  why you would want to file single instead of jointly, and what reserves you may need for your rental properties, This is very informative for new or experienced investors, because…


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0089 How To Fully Vet Your Real Estate Investing Mentor/Personal Guide! [Video]

Hi All!

As you all know, I have a previous post on being cautious about doing the current coaching programs as seen by the "gurus," as I saw more sales than value. Today, I am discussing the concept of fully vetting a potential mentor, and what to keep in mind from both your point of view, and the viewpoint of the person who is…


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0088 How Sharad M. Invests In Homes Under $30k, 45 Minutes Outside Of Chicago! [Video]

Please join us today as I talk with Sharad M., of Max Properties LLC. Sharad has been buying and renovating houses for the last 4 years, and in life and in real estate, has acquired a vast amount of insight, wisdom, and success. Please enjoy as we discuss Sharad's ability for him and his wife to decide to live off the lowest of the…


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0087 BiggerPockets Reblog: The Coziness Factor 5 Key Property Improvements to Rent Your Unit Faster [Video]

BiggerPockets Reblog:

How should you decide how "nice" to improve a rental? Here's how I determine it, using something I call the "Coziness Factor."

Lisa Phillips…


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0086 Another Irritating Bank Story [Video]

You guys know I feel that banks are a last resort! Well, let me tell you one more story if you haven't gotten the point they are more likely to tell you No, than Yes.

Lisa Phillips


where I…


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0084 Find Local Realty Websites vs National MLS Sites For More Listings [Video]


This is a tip that I used when searching for lower priced properties. I use a really good local realtor website rather than the national mls. For some cities, I use these sites exclusively  (Baltimore, RIchmond). These sites are easy to find in google, and offer lower priced homes that don't always come up on ZIllow,, etc. And, don't forget to…


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0085 BiggerPockets: How to Find Great Working Class Neighborhoods to Invest In [Video]


Today I would like to share with the BiggerPockets audience a systematic technique I use to vet low priced/high cash flowing neighborhoods:

The Leveraged Analysis Technique.

This process leverages the available resources so we can find safe Working Class Neighborhoods (WCNs), as well as cut our search time in half by not wading through…


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0083 Importance Of Tenant Screening In Working Class Neighborhoods [Video]


Now that I've given you a system for finding high cash flowing working class neighborhoods and properties, I need to emphasize this: You can NOT drop the ball on the tenant screening! You NEED to screen your tenants. It is not a myth that in these neighborhoods, there is a higher chance of getting someone who's money is…

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0081 What A Working Class Neighborhood Is and Isn’t: BiggerPockets Reblog [Video] It seems that the mainstream discussion about depressed housing seems to have one broad brush strokes on all depressed housing (priced anywhere from 15k-45k), as if every neighborhood in the country has the same characteristics.

And despite the fact that we say the truism…


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