Here is a subject that never gets old: Credit!! I use it in real estate, and I've worked really hard to get out of personal debt, and its something that touches every single one of us. This is a wake up call for new real estate investors, or others looking to get into real estate investing. Getting out of debt involves a level of financial intent and discipline that is needed not only in managing personal debt, but managing real estate investments as well. Learning the ability to maximize current cash intakes (paychecks, regular income) to obtain a financial goal is the came if you are eliminating credit card debt or investing money in a rental property. I'll also discuss how being in credit card debt not only eats whatever returns you may have, as well as lead you to make emotional business decisions when you should have a clear head.

And dont forget: Interest paid on credit card/debt for real estate investing is tax deductible: not the case for your personal use!

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