0081 What A Working Class Neighborhood Is and Isn’t: BiggerPockets Reblog [Video]

http://www.biggerpockets.com/renewsbl... It seems that the mainstream discussion about depressed housing seems to have one broad brush strokes on all depressed housing (priced anywhere from 15k-45k), as if every neighborhood in the country has the same characteristics.

And despite the fact that we say the truism that real estate is local, the conversation turns south very quickly over these large geographic areas.

However, I feel the greatest opportunity lies in the fact that these broad brush strokes don't pick up the delicate flavors of the herbs and spices that create this culinary feast of real estate investing.

https://www.AffordableRealEstateInvestments.com, where I give you the truth and a practical guide to real estate investing at a price you really can afford, with hard work, confidence, and a little peace of mind.

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Thank you so much!

Lisa Phillps


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