0091 Inner City Investing How To With Al Williamson: The Stories and Details [Video]


Another amazing interview, filled with a great perspective of someone who does inner-city investing, and we got even more in depth. Al Williamson first started off in a triplex with his new wife in a revilization zone. After getting his feet wet with that, we are going to delve into how he moved into his first 8 unit apartment which was the center of the drug/gang/ and prostitutions. Let's delve into this awesomely intense experiences and learn how if we go into any inner city neighborhood, there are systematic, ways to increase the value of your property and the bring up the quality of the neighborhood through your leadership.

Drug and gang infested unit? Everything must go!
In over your head? Contact an experienced investor on inner-city investing!
Want to attribute a level of social entrepreneurship in your real estate investing? Read up!

You're really going to enjoy this, so stay tuned.

FYI: This is an audio version, but absolutely informative, enjoyable, and one of the more intense interviews!

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